If you can get near a TV today between 1 and 1:30 pm Eastern Time, tune into CNN Headline News. My features editor at Popular Science, Eric Adams, will be on to talk about the Rocket Racing League. I might be able to upload a clip of it afterwards…probably highly illegal, but what the hell, I’ll see how it goes. Will post an update here in any case.

–UPDATE at 2:41 Eastern–
Eric did a great job laying out the concept of the Rocket Racing League in just a couple of minutes–an eternity on TV, but not much time to explain a complex subject. He talked fast, and hit all the main points. He must have practiced. 🙂

Got a clip of it here (6 megabytes).

Windows Media file, unfortunately for you Mac and Linux folks out there; an MPEG file would have been just too big for my Web host. Anyone wants to host a 27 Meg MPEG file, I have it; just drop me an email (my contact info is at www.michaelbelfiore.com).