I don’t know how he does it, but Jeff Foust, an analyst at Futron Corporation, has managed to establish himself as a one-man space bureau covering everything from space tourism to NASA space probes and space law. And he’s damn good at it.

Foust’s Spacetoday.net distills the important space news from around the Web several times a day–a feat which in itself prompted me to ask him about his staff. Which he doesn’t actually have; it’s all him. Foust’s online Space Review does feature contributions from other writers, but he writes for that one too. I never leave home without Space Today; it’s my home page. I also look to the Space Review for some of the best commentary in the field.

Foust also runs a political space blog and, now, a personal spaceflight blog at personalspaceflight.info. He’s blasting away on that one now, even as I type this, reporting from the Space Access conference in Phoenix. Needless to say, it’s already one of my must-read blogs, along with Clark Lindsey’s HobbySpace, Dan Schrimpsher’s SpacePragmatism, and Rand Simberg’s Transterrestrial Musings, among others.

And all this with a day job. Okay, I’m jealous. But I bet he doesn’t have a 10 month old baby daughter who loves cheese and shrieks with delight at a dog wagging its tail. She’s mine. All mine.