Check out Alan Boyle’s excellent writeup of a tour of SpaceX he took with other ISDC attendees yesterday.

While the tour was going on, I got a briefing from SpaceX propulsion chief Tom Mueller for my book. After the tour I also caught up with CEO Elon Musk at his desk. Musk told me that all of SpaceX’s activities are pointed in one direction–building the infrastructure to land people on Mars.

After we talked, Musk turned me loose on SpaceX’s main shop floor to take photographs. Enjoy these as a visual complement to Boyle’s article.

Merlin 1C, the nextgen SpaceX engine coming together on the bench.

Falcon 9 components under construction

Dragon crew capsule mockup. Musk tells me it’s been a fairly low-key side project ongoing in parallel with Falcon development. Musk plans to fund Dragon development with revenue from Falcon launches, then pursue Robert Bigelow’s America’s Space Prize and NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) contracts.

Falcon 9 fuel tank caps.

Machinist Quang Dang at work.

Shop floor.