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My Rocketplane feature isn’t the cover story, as I (mistakenly) reported earlier, but it does get mention on the cover. Comments welcome, especially from Rocketplane folks; I haven’t heard from them yet.

I’m just back from Mojave, where I got a chance to meet the Masten Space Systems folks and sit in on a test of the 500-pound-thrust, lox/alcohol fueled engine that will power their Lunar Lander Challenge vehicle this October at the X Prize Cup. Dave Masten and his people are still setting up their shop and test area, and like all the other engineers and other new hires flooding into the area, searching for housing.

I also dropped in on XCOR to check on the progress of the X-Racer (still on track for a debut at the X Prize Cup). XCOR is working on two other major projects besides the X-Racer: the Xerus suborbital spaceship, and a methane powered rocket engine for NASA, suitable for use on the space agency’s planned Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV).