Check out the spiffy new banner above, from Bigelow Aerospace’s “Fly Your Stuff” program. Bigelow’s next space launch, currently scheduled for January 2007, will carry the cover of my book about commercial spaceflight. The book is due out next year from Smithsonian Books/Harper Collins. More news on that soon.

Meanwhile, if you want to fly an image or a small object to be photographed in space and displayed on Bigelow’s website, now’s the time to do it. Yesterday, Bigelow released the reservations that hadn’t been claimed by then. Means a bunch more slots are available now. Get one for $295 until November 1 or until they’re all gone, whichever comes first.

No, I didn’t get my slot free, and Bigelow isn’t paying me for the banner. Like it says, I’m just thrilled to be on board. And, well, hell, how could I resist doing the first book promo in space?