There’s a transcript and a nice write-up of an interview I gave Bloomberg Radio recently at I talked with Robin Schatz about the viability of commercial spaceflight as a business and a bit about Bigelow Aerospace and other space ventures. There’s a mugshot of me there too, taken on the Bloomberg roof.

The Bloomberg headquarters in New York City is every bit as astounding as the Bigelow plant. I wish I had gotten some pictures. The lobby features soaring, multistory windows, a vast snack bar full of free food and drinks. The side areas somehow manage to convey the same open-to-the-sky feeling, stuffed as they are with TV studios, radio booths, acres of flat screen TVs streaming news feeds, and hundreds of reporters pounding away at keyboards. Doing my interview there, I had the same science-fiction-come-true feeling I had talking with Robert Bigelow as we looked out of his conference room windows at space station modules being built.

Also check out the current issue of Air & Space Smithsonian and the magazine’s website for an excerpt of chapter 6 of Rocketeers, about Rocketplane.