Since the release of Rocketeers last summer, I’ve been retooling for my next project, a book about DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm. And what a long arm it is, sponsoring technology research and development that effects our lives in ways most people can hardly imagine. The computer network you’re connected to, for instance, started as a DARPA project.

Watch this space for updates on the shadowy world of military research, with an emphasis on tech that could help the rest of us. Clean, renewable energy, bionic arms, cars that drive themselves, hyperspeed jets, and more, are all part of DARPA projects. As in my last book, I’ll introduce you to the engineers making it all happen and show you around their labs and workshops.

Among my resolutions: to blog several times a week. As I expand my focus to take in not just commercial space travel, but other science fiction coming true, I aim also to expand my audience beyond my core readership of space workers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, but anyone else interested in how advanced technology can help solve our Earthly problems. Not to worry if want to keep tabs on the world of commercial spaceflight–I’ll keep up my coverage there too.

Along the way, I’ll give you a glimpse into my own R&D process, offering what I hope will be an entertaining and informative view of the working writer’s life.

I hope you’ll join me on this next fantastic voyage. Meantime, pick up the current Popular Science for my cover story on hpersonic aircraft. Yes, it’s a DARPA-funded project that could just change the world. Around the world in four hours, anyone?