michaelbelfiore.comI’ve rebuilt my website from the ground up using WordPress. Drupal was getting me down on my old site. And I’ve never been happy with the way Blogger interacts with outside websites.

Now I can keep my blog and my website all under one roof. I aim to blog a lot more frequently on a lot more topics.

I’ve been something of a split personality since I started blogging back in ’05. Whenever some juicy piece of science-fiction-in-the-making news came along, I never knew whether to offer it first to my magazine editors or post it first on my blog. Usually the mags got first dibs. Then, after I submitted it to an editor, I was reduced recycling old news on the blog. Not a great situation.

No longer. Now I’ll post news as fast as I get it, but with a difference. My focus will be on parsing the news in terms of what it means to all you technologists out there trying to get your own projects off the ground. I’ll also be linking a lot more often to other blogs and news sites to broaden the perspective of my blog. Stay tuned!