Photo courtesy of DARPA

…or at least posted on YouTube. The DARPA Robotics Challenge, DARPA’s attempt to do for humanoid robots what it did for self-driving cars, is set to take place outside of Miami next month.

It’s happening December 18-21 at the Homestead Speedway in Florida, with two days of briefings and media tours, followed by two days of the main event: humanoid robots attempting to scramble over rubble piles, climb ladders, drive trucks, and repair equipment–all with minimal human supervision.

Typically DARPA, it’s big, bold, and outrageous. Details about the event and how to watch highlights each day here: I’ll be down there for the duration and sending my own updates.

When I registered for my press pass, I had to provide an emergency contact number in case Termin—I mean this cute and cuddly robot—goes out of control and wreaks havoc. Should be fun.