Ever wondered what ordinary household items might look like if designed by rocket scientists?

Listen for the “satisfying clank” of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum connecting with magnets in this pet food bowl, just launched on Kickstarter by the rocket jocks at Rocket Thermodynamix. The design keeps ants out of pet food with a hidden moat fed by the pet’s drinking water.


The startup, headed by Luke Colby, one of the engineers at Scaled Composites working on SpaceShipTwo, is looking for novel ways to fund the expansion of its rocket shop, including the purchase of a new CNC mill. Colby told me in an email:

I have some trepidation about doing something that is so unrelated to the actual serious rocket work we are trying to do, but if it brings in the cash flow we need to get the CNC equipment we are looking to purchase then I guess it’s worth it!

I think they’re on to something here. What do you think?