The top-grossing and most popular campaign in the history of the Indiegogo crowd funding website has more than doubled its $1 million goal—and there’s still a week to go before it closes.

Solar Roadways is the focus of my Popular Mechanics story on road technologies of the future and why they’re so hard to implement.

Jonathan Levine, professor of urban planning at the University of Michigan, thinks the solar roadway project—which involves replacing asphalt with hexagonal ruggedized glass panels embedded with solar panels and electronics—could be the tech that finally breaks through to wide acceptance.

Says Levine in my article:

“Assuming the technological promise is as it appears, I think it might have a shot,” Levine says of Solar Roadways. “And here’s why: it’s readily deployable at a small scale. Unlike…inductive charging in roadways, it’s actually not dependent on what other people do, or what other agencies do, or what other municipalities do.”

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