Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about commercial spaceflight on Minnesota Public Radio. Joining me was Will Pomerantz, VP of Special Projects at Virgin Galactic. Our host was Kerri Miller.

While Pomerantz talked up the Virgin spaceflight experience, I considered it my duty to talk about the other players in the field, including Virgin competitors XCOR Aerospace and Blue Origin, and orbital launch company SpaceX.

Why is it important for people to experience spaceflight in significant numbers? Because it elevates us all as a species, I said, to see the home planet in the context of its cosmic neighborhood, and see how we’re all connected on this fragile biosphere.

Pomerantz called in from California, but I went down the road to the studios of WDST, Radio Woodstock, to put on a pair of headphones and talk into a microphone like a proper broadcaster. Fun!

You can listen to the whole 40-minute program, complete with listener questions, on the MPR website.