Failure is good. Failure, as I learn again and again from the technologists I report on, is how you get to the stuff that works.

I had this idea I could make a gazillion dollars running my own blog. That may be true, but not by trying to pound out stories every day and collecting ads, as I thought I could do with That model, for me, doesn’t work. Works for some of the folks I write for, like But, me, I’m just one guy, following one story, one interview, one site visit at a time. I’m not a Tower of the Future full of staffers with a network of freelancers.

It takes time to line up interviews (a week on average, if you want to know). It takes time to do a good interview (30 minutes, minimum). And site visits are all kinds of time for setup (add another week), travel, and then the interviews.

It’s a great gig. It’s mine, and I love it. So I need to leave the daily blogging to those with the resources to do it. (And for that bit of insight I have to thank Dries Cronje at

So I’m back here now, on I’ll post here as I visit and interview technologists about the work they’re doing to make the world a better place, along with links to articles as I publish them elsewhere.

Stay tuned for updates on the robot takeover and the drone revolution, the new moon race, and a whole lot more.

Ad astra!