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Chakri Toleti was at his office in Florida in January 2018 when he got the call from India alerting him that his mother had fallen.

Only hours after the fact did he learn that his mother had lain on her bathroom floor for a good 20 to 30 minutes before a live-in caregiver discovered her. He felt helpless that he didn’t know she was in trouble until much later and therefore couldn’t get her help. He knew that many other people must face similar struggles. So he did what any good serial entrepreneur does. He started a company to solve what he perceived as a major challenge: How can a caretaker keep a loved one or patient safe while protecting the patient’s privacy and allowing that person a large measure of independence?

Within just a few months, he had formed a company,, deploying computer vision and AI from Coral to detect falls and other dangers for the elderly and other at-risk individuals. By late 2019, the company had grown to 40 employees and was running trials in nursing homes across the United States. “It’s [a] HIPAA-compliant solution that uses AI at the edge,” Toleti says.

Case study for Google’s local AI platform, Coral.


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September 3, 2020