Energize your next meeting with inspiring commentary and up-to-the-minute reporting on technology breakthroughs in aerospace, commercial space flight, robotics, medical technology, and much more. Along the way, you’ll gain insights from Michael’s travels through the frontiers of innovation and learn how to apply them to your own efforts.

“Michael Belfiore delivers an informative, entertaining and highly knowledgeable presentation on the future of science and innovation. His contagious passion for science leaves one optimistic that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Science is fortunate to have such an articulate and visionary writer and spokesperson.”

—Marietta L. Harrison, Associate Director, Purdue Center for Cancer Research

Sample topics:

Our Science Fiction Future

Innovations in personal computing, the Internet, and wireless communication have irrevocably changed our lives in a relative blink of an eye. Michael spotlights the equally transformative tech on the horizon, vividly illustrating his points with video and first-hand accounts from the labs making science fiction come true. Along the way, audiences learn best practices for creating their own game changers.

“You hit it right on! The reaction from the audience was that the coverage points were perfect and the amount of time that was devoted to each of those was very well managed.”

—Tom Thompson, Senior Managing Director, WP Global Partners

7 Secrets of Innovation

Drawing from his ongoing interactions with some of today’s most successful innovators, Michael reveals how incentive prizes, innovative partnerships, and more can inspire your team to greatness and help you leap ahead of the competition.

“Michael delivered an energizing talk regarding factors contributing to innovation. The presentation was very well designed and delivered. He provided vivid examples and stories. Michael was very enthusiastic during the whole talk. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

—Maciej Lazarewicz, Principal Scientist at Medtronic, Inc.

Commercial Space Flight: Lessons from the Final Frontier

It’s not often that we get to witness the birth of a brand new industry with world-changing potential. How are small teams with limited financing surging ahead of big-budget government programs? Michael does the equivalent of hanging out in the Wright Brothers’ barn and Henry Ford’s factory to bring back lessons for your organization.

“A knowledgeable and engaging speaker, Michael shares his optimism for the future and suggests that the nation may be on the verge of a technological renaissance.”

—Susan Sauer Sloan, Director, Government-University-Industry, Research Roundtable, The National Academies

DARPA's Secret Recipe for Success

For more than 50 years, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has remained America’s premier engine of innovation. Michael presents a rare behind-the-scenes view of how the agency fosters creativity and risk taking to continually change the game in everything from computer science to aerospace. Audiences come away with a recipe for their own success in innovation.

“Belfiore makes a compelling case for  the unconventional approach taken by DARPA. He then takes this a step further. Belfiore argues that a complex ecosystem of innovation that encourages small groups to focus on important problems promises to yield important advances in science and technology in the future. The net result is empowerment, timeliness and effective use of increasingly scarce financial resources.”

—Robert Powell, Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, UC Davis

Rocket to Your Dream Career (for students)

Although today’s economic climate presents special challenges to graduates, it also holds unprecedented opportunity. Michael shows how the future belongs to entrepreneurial thinkers in every field and provides concrete action steps for creating your ideal work life.

“People always tell you to ‘follow your bliss and the money will follow,’ but they never quite get around to saying how to find the job you’ll love. Michael Belfiore lays out a map that works.”

—Dex Sprinkle, Graduate Research Assistant, Western Carolina University

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